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            Submitting the Article

            Use the Submit Your Content tab to send an article for me to add to your website.



            The subject is your article's title. Consider SEO when writing this title or add custom browser page title in the form for alternate SEO title. SEO title length is up to 75 characters including spaces. If your title is long consider a shortened custom title that is less than 75 characters.

            Custom Browser Page Title

            This is an alternate page title that will be used for the browser tab when the article is opened and should be optimized for SEO approx. 75 characters including spaces.

            Social Media Tagline/Headline

            This is for social media posting. Add a short headline to compliment the title and description. Type in NA if you are not asking for me to post this.

            Custom Date

            If you want a custom publish date to be show when publishing the article in a blog. This can be used to order the articles if the blog layout is data driven to sort the article ordering.


            Fill in the Description field with you article content or attach a word or document file to the form. If you attach a document just indicate the content is in an attachment. Images and links can be added in this editor.

            Meta Description

            The meta description is for search results to display a description of the page to users. This is not visible on the page itself.

            Link to the photo or pages you want in the article. Only link to photos that have no copyright restrictions.
            Links to references
            These are links to external sources that are good for SEO. Make sure the link goes to a valuable website that relates to your content.

            You can also add your links in your article content directly in your word document or using the editor in the description field.

            Where on the site do you want this content to be placed. If it's a stand alone article then indicate where it should be in the menu. If it's part of a category blog then just list the category.
            To indicate the menu location use this format.
            A new page under the Resources would look like this. Resources > New Page
            If it's a top level menu page make sure there is space for another menu item there or it could cause the menu to wrap and be on 2 lines which may not look good.


            Rename any documents before attaching to a recognizable file name for me and the user. Only use letters and numbers in the file names.
            If you have any documents you can just attach them to the attachments section of this form. If you want the documents linked in the content of your article use this format or something similar. This is an example sentence and the document link text is here in blue (document name.pdf) with the name of the file. If they go somewhere else note this in the Additional Information > Comments or Additional Instructions field.
            If no link is needed in the content then they will be placed at the end of the article.


            Rename the photos to good search engine optimized file names before attaching to this form. Only use letters and numbers in the file names.
            Photos can go in the Description field using the editor or in your word document instead of uploading them as an attachment.
            To indicate where the photos go note this in the Additional Information > Comments or Additional Instructions field.
            Attach any photos you want added at the bottom of this form if they are not in the document or description field.


            A total of 20 MB of attachments can be added. You can select more than one at a time. Once you have selected them the form will upload them immediately. So depending on your internet speed it could take a few minutes for them to display. You must wait until the documents upload before you can add more from another location on your computer.

            Updated: 07 Sep 2018 06:58 AM
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